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nuEra 5 News 5 Updated changes to the Medical Cannabis Patient Program

Updated changes to the Medical Cannabis Patient Program

by | Jun 29, 2021

The Medical Cannabis Patient Program just got a reboot (and then crashed immediately, but it’s up and running again now!)

On June 22nd, the MCPP registration system began running on the Entellitrak platform, which is the platform that is already utilized for registrants in the Opioid Alternative Program.

In order to sign in to the new platform, you need to reset your password. More info here

The new registry will allow current patients to:

  • Access their online account at any time to check status, submit demographic changes, and make payments through credit card.
  • Print their own paper registry cards once approved. (Eliminating the current 10-14 day wait time for a card to be mailed to them from a printing vendor)

Other big changes include:

  •  Med Patients can access any medical cannabis licensed dispensary for purchase
  • Reduction of all application fees by 50%!
    • 1 year $50, 2 years $100, 3 years $125
  • Applicants with lifelong conditions designated by their health care providers will only be required to submit a $50 fee and a current (valid) driver’s license or State ID to renew their cards for three years. Caregivers of lifelong patients will be $75 fee for 3-year renewal.
  • Both adult and minor applicants are allowed to have up to 3 caregivers with the restriction that all caregivers can only serve one patient.
  • Addition of new eligibility classifications for further reduced fees
    • The reduced fee is for qualifying patients enrolled in Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), U.S. Railroad Retirement Board Disability, Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System Disability, Illinois State Universities Retirement System Disability, or a Veteran.
    • Reduced fees are: 1 year $25, 2 years $50, 3 years for $75

What does this all mean? Answer: The IDPH made easier to get your Medical Card!


  • Don’t pay between 24%-40% Tax (more medicine for your dollar$)
  • Legally grow up to 5 of your own plants
  • Wider array of products
  • MED patients can have up to 250 grams at any time vs. 40 grams for Adult Use
  • Priority service – at nuEra Patients never wait behind Adult Use customers
  • All brand new and re-registered MED patients get a $100 discount at nuEra

Interested in getting your MED card? Get more detailed information HERE

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