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How To Login to the new Medical Cannabis Patient Program Registry

Got to and update your password
The use of mobile devices and some web browsers are not supported and may cause delays in registration. Please use a desktop computer or laptop and Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for best results.

Your Username will be the same one that you created in the current system. A new one will not be accepted. Please email DPH if you have forgotten what your username is at

Your password should be entered in the following format:

ADULT PATIENTS:  ICTSMMDD (MMDD being the month and day of your birthdate)

MINOR PATIENTS:  ICTSMMDD (MMDD being the month and day of the adult caregiver’s birthdate)

*Please note you have to actually use the letters ICTS before your birthdate numbers!

Once this is entered the system will prompt you for a new password. You will need to make note of your username and password because you will need them whenever you access the system.

DON’T PANIC! Now you just need to put in that password with the birthdate in and then create a new password

How to switch dispensaries

Click anywhere on “Tracking Inbox : MCPP Patient Registration”

Scroll down to the “Patient Information” Section

Look for “Dispensary” on the left and you can then select your nuEra location from the dropdown on the right

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Save”