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Passport Pictures

Passport pictures are easy to get made at Walgreens, CVS, FedEx  and many other stores.


1 year = $50, 2 year = $100, 3 year = $125. Further reductions for Veterans, Seniors and SSID as well.


-Come to nuEra within 30 days of becoming a patient and receive $100 of discounts to offset the expense of your 1 year registration!
*Must be used within the first 30 days of registration with the State and is good for $25 off of a $100 purchase over 4 visits total.

-In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, examinations for Medical Cannabis Certification completion may be done by telemedicine (online video chat) until further notice. In-person appointments will not be required.



Need Help?

Finding the application process too difficult? Book a consultation with one of our staff members and we’ll help you every step of the way!


Information for Veterans

There are so many different ways Medical Cannabis can help the men and women who have served our country. Veterans need to confirm through the office of Veteran Affairs that they are permitted to use medical marijuana as part of their certified provider recommendation without consequence to their current position or health care system. If permitted, follow the steps above.

Patient at a VA Facility?

If you are currently receiving care at a V.A. Hospital, you do NOT need to provide a physician’s written certification

Forms Needed

You will a valid ID as well as copies of the following forms: VA Form 10-5345 and VA Form DD214

Vets get 10% discount at NuEra

As a token of our appreciation for your service, Veteran Medical Patients qualify for a 10% discount at all NuEra locations 

Opioid Alternative Pilot Program

If you are an IL resident age 21 or older and have been prescribed and opioid or have a health condition or disease for which you could be prescribed an opioid, you may be eligible.


The fee is only $10 per 90-day period and also allows you to get your card within 24 hours of completing the necessary steps

More Info

Check out this detailed brochure about the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program to find out if you qualify and how to enter the program

Heads Up

Before you register, a doctor must complete a physician certification indicating that you have a prescription for an opiod or could be prescribed an opioid

OAPP Patient Brochure