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nuEra 5 News 5 SHAKE IT UP: What is weed shake and why is it PERFECT?

SHAKE IT UP: What is weed shake and why is it PERFECT?

by | Feb 15, 2023


ILLINOIS, February 21st, 2023 – Wondering how you can SHAKE up your canna-consumption ritual? (no, change doesn’t have to be spooky!)

Cannabis shake is plant matter that comes through the processing of cannabis flower buds. Typically regarded as the last remnants at the bottom “of the barrel”, shake has quickly become consumers preferred method of consumption for the efficiency it provides. Want to pack a bowl? Easy because no buds need to be ground. Want to pack a cone? Same answer! Having high quality shake has proven to be a g0-to choice for consumers that want to consume flower without the hassle of breaking down the buds, sorting and then packing or rolling (that’s a lot to do if you only have 10-15 mins in the morning). 

Illinois’ Cannabis market is still in its infancy but quickly developing and providing top tier options amongst all categories–shake being one of them– and consumers are seeking it. With new mixes like nuEra’s High Times Cannabis Cup-winning “Dubble Joint”, an infusion of carefully cultivated flower blended with solventless and terpene-packed bubble hash, there is a certainly a market for thoughtful blends in Illinois. Proof? Welcome HIGH SUPPLY’s “SUPER SHAKE”, a high-quality shake product carefully blended with THCA isolate to produce…well a SUPER shake! All the benefits and ease-of-use that shake gives consumers with a boost of THCA in every dosing. Ready for the next step in Illinois’ Cannabis journey? AVAILABLE NOW AT SELECT nuEra LOCATIONS

Behold — Super Shake! Infusing premium ground flower with THCa Sand creates an enhanced cannabis experience that consumers crave. Super Shake starts by using the plant’s small, loose buds that are ground and sieved to ensure optimal consistency. The Shake is then infused with a fine THCa extract, starting with fresh-frozen cannabis that’s expertly extracted and run through a purification process to create a potent concentrate that’s sand-like in appearance and consistency. Affordable and versatile, Super Shake is the perfect option for adding to ‘rolls and bowls. It has a potency range of 38-50%.