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nuEra 5 News 5 nuEra’s REEFER-A-FRIEND Referral Program

nuEra’s REEFER-A-FRIEND Referral Program

by | Nov 14, 2022

Pass the joint to a friend!

We just made it easier with our  REEFER A FRIEND program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send your personal refer-a-friend link to friends
  2. For every friend that signs up, we’ll give you a $15 discount!
  3. They will get a $15 discount too!

How It Works
You’re friend clicks your link that you sent and:

  • Joins the Rewards Program
  • Visits nuEra
  • Makes a purchase

Once they’ve made a verified purchase, you will get a discount coupon straight to your wallet that you can use in-store next time you visit nuEra.

Could it be any easier?!


You can use the “Refer A Friend” button in your Wallet to send your personalized referral link via Facebook, LinkeIn, and many other platforms too!


Copy and Paste this when you send a message to your friend:

Hey best BUD! Here is my nuEra refer-a-friend link. Sign up on that form, shop at nuEra and you will get a $15 discount (Make sure to show this message to redeem the discount.) Happy tokin’!


A friend in weed is a friend indeed!



  • Referral reward is $15 off a $60 spend for each friend that shops.
  • The friend cannot be a current customer/rewards member of any nuEra location. Only friends that have never visited qualify. 
  • Recreational customers at our Medical Dispensaries (Chicago, East Peoria, Urbana) cannot qualify for this discount