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nuEra 5 nuEra’s Best Cannabis Guides 5 Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Brands in Illinois

Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Brands in Illinois

Illinois's best cannabis brands

Welcome to nuEra’s definitive 2023 guide to the most popular cannabis brands in Illinois—where heritage meets innovation on your journey to euphoria.

We invite you to explore the top-tier brands that resonate with cannabis aficionados like you. These aren’t just names; they are the beacons of quality and craftsmanship that our customers and seasoned budtenders unanimously applaud.

Each brand on our list has been curated based on robust purchase data and candid feedback, underscoring our legacy as pioneers in the cannabis community. Dive in and let the good times roll as we unveil the cream of the crop, ensuring that your next choice is nothing short of exceptional.

Hungry for more?

Discover the stories, highlights, and unique offerings that set these brands apart. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, there’s a brand with your name on it.

Let’s elevate your cannabis experience to new heights—read on and find your perfect match.

Cresco Labs

Cresco Labs cannabis brands

Crecos Labs’ Family of Cannabis Brands

Cresco Labs stands at the vanguard of cannabis perfection, championing a revolution with its unmatched dedication to professionalism in the green renaissance. With a commanding presence as one of the largest, vertically integrated, multistate operators in the U.S., Cresco proudly presents a seamless seed-to-sale journey. This titan of industry not only cultivates top-tier cannabis but also educates and nurtures community trust through its Sunnyside dispensaries, embodying the pinnacle of quality and consumer enlightenment.
Brand Highlights:

  • Comprehensive involvement from cultivation to customer, ensuring quality and consistency at every stage.
  • Pioneers in building a diversified portfolio of leading cannabis brands, each tailored to distinct consumer needs and occasions.
  • Proactive in social equity through the SEED™ initiative, aiming to mend the disparities caused by the War on Drugs.
  • A robust sub-brand assortment including Cresco, High Supply, FloraCal Farms, and others, each offering a unique cannabis experience.

Discover the Cresco difference at nuEra today. Dive into a world where excellence is the norm, and every product promises a journey of discovery. Shop the Cresco Labs collection, including favorites like Cresco, High Supply, Camino, Mindy’s, Remedi, Wonder Wellness Co., Good News, and FloraCal Farms, and be part of the movement redefining cannabis culture. Your next level of cannabis sophistication awaits.


Ascend cannabis brands

Ascend’s Family of Cannabis Brands

Ascend redefines the horizon of cannabis possibilities, fostering a seamless integration of quality products into daily life. Championing innovation and individuality, Ascend offers a multi-state oasis where curiosity meets cannabis.

With a spirit of excellence, its stores—digital and physical—are designed for discovery, simplicity, and education, complemented by budtenders who guide with expertise and heart. Ascend blossoms locally, ensuring that each product, from stress-relieving pre-rolls to love-dropping extracts, resonates with both the community and connoisseur.

Brand Highlights:

  • Ascend’s premium cultivation yields potent, high-quality flower, emphasizing sustainable practices and meticulous care.
  • Innovative product lines including Simply Herb, Ozone, and Tunnel Vision, catering to a spectrum of preferences and experiences.
  • Operates in several states, with indoor and greenhouse grows, bringing expertise and variety to every locale.
  • Committed to quality and consistency, Ascend’s products are lab-tested, tagged, and tracked, ensuring unparalleled reliability.

Step into the elevated world of Ascend on nuEra, where quality meets craftsmanship. Whether you’re seeking the value of Simply Herb, the refined experience of Ozone, or the distinctive THCV-rich strains of Tunnel Vision, your perfect cannabis expression awaits.

Shop Ascend’s commitment to perfection and sustainability, hand-selected just for you at nuEra. Discover your peak today.

Green Thumb Industries (GTI)

Green Thumb Industries cannabis brands

GTI’s Family of Cannabis Brands

Green Thumb Industries (GTI) sprouts from a mission to cultivate well-being and joy through its dedication to producing safe, high-quality cannabis.

GTI’s heart lies in fostering health and happiness, reflected in their commitment to creating cannabis products that are as beneficial as they are enjoyable. With a firm belief in the right to wellness, GTI is a purveyor of happiness, offering a diverse selection of products designed to enrich every aspect of the consumer experience.

Brand Highlights:

  • A stalwart advocate for accessible well-being through a diverse selection of premium cannabis products.
  • A cohesive team driven by a passion for the plant, delivering excellence from cultivation to customer interaction.
  • Strives for the highest quality and safety, with strict testing and responsible cultivation at the forefront.
  • Home to beloved brands like RYTHM, Dogwalkers, and incredibles, each crafted to enhance the consumer’s journey.
  • Integrates social responsibility into its business ethos, with initiatives like Dogwalkers aiding animal shelters.

Discover the full spectrum of Green Thumb Industries at nuEra, where wellness and quality intersect to deliver the ultimate cannabis experience. Indulge in the harmonious blends of RYTHM, savor the crafted edibles from incredibles, find solace with Doctor Solomon’s therapeutic formulations, embrace the communal spirit with Dogwalkers, and light up your moments with &Shine.

Each GTI brand is a testament to excellence and commitment to your well-being. Visit nuEra today and elevate your cannabis journey with the trusted family of GTI brands.


Aeriz cannabis brand

Aeriz cannabis products

Aeriz encapsulates a passion for purity and a commitment to sustainability, pioneering aeroponic cultivation in the cannabis industry. This innovative brand stands out with its soil-free cultivation, offering cannabis products that are not only superior in quality but also eco-friendly.

Aeriz is for the connoisseur who values environmental consciousness as much as a clean, consistent cannabis experience.

Brand Highlights:

  • Aeroponic technology ensures each plant is nurtured with precision, promising unmatched consistency in every product.
  • Environmentally sustainable practices, including recyclable containers and a closed-loop system, reflect a deep respect for the planet.
  • A diverse product line, featuring everything from vibrant flowers to pure, full-spectrum vape cartridges and ready-to-enjoy pre-rolls.
  • Rigorous testing results in some of the lowest ppm contamination scores in the industry, ensuring clean and safe consumption.
  • A rich selection of strains, each cultivated to enhance the natural essence and amplify the effects for a truly elevated experience.

Elevate your green routine with Aeriz at nuEra, where innovation meets nature for a flawless cannabis encounter. Experience the purity of Aeriz’s aeroponically grown flower, delve into the rich flavors of their vape cartridges, or savor the convenience of their pre-rolls.

Join us in embracing a sustainable future with every selection. Shop now and breathe easy knowing you’re part of a larger movement towards a cleaner, greener cannabis culture.


Ieso cannabis brand

Ieso cannabis products

Ieso is the embodiment of meticulous cultivation and thoughtful creation in the cannabis space. Established by seasoned professionals with roots in horticulture and technology, Ieso flourishes under the Illinois sun, merging data-driven methods with eco-friendly practices.

Their dedication to the art of cannabis is evident in every strain-specific plant nurtured to its full potential, making Ieso synonymous with a premium and profoundly satisfying cannabis experience.

Brand Highlights:

  • Crafted with a data-led approach ensuring optimal plant health and product quality from seed to sale.
  • Diverse product range including Cultivate flowers, Alchemy concentrates, and the delectable Sweet Life by Hannah edibles.
  • Specialized cultivation environments for each strain foster the highest expression of potential, underlining Ieso’s commitment to excellence.
  • Innovative freezing techniques in concentrate production preserve the natural terpene profiles, enhancing flavor and potency.
  • Embraces full spectrum cultivation and product development, from vibrant flowers to nuanced edibles like Canna-Sours and versatile offerings from Interstate 420.

NuEra proudly presents Ieso, our in-house brand, a beacon of cultivation precision and creative cannabis confectionery. Delve into the diversity of our premium offerings: from the tailored cultivation of Cultivate flowers, the scientific artistry behind Alchemy extracts, to the culinary cannabis craft of Sweet Life by Hannah edibles, and the spirited zing of Canna-Sours. With nuEra’s acquisition of Ieso, these top-tier products, along with Interstate 420‘s varied lineup, are now part of our intimate family.

Discover the depth of Ieso at nuEra, where every product is a testament to our shared passion for the plant. Shop now and cultivate your cannabis journey with confidence.


Revolution cannabis brand

Revolution family of cannabis brands and products

Revolution Cannabis, a vanguard in the craft cannabis movement, is dedicated to wellness, life improvement, and enlightenment through meticulous cultivation and innovation. With over two decades of cultivation experience, they foster a deep respect for the cannabis plant, continually advancing the industry while honoring its roots.

Revolution represents a convergence of people, plant, and purpose, where quality and scientific discovery are the hallmarks of every product.

Brand Highlights:

  • A pioneer in cannabis genetics, Revolution hunts over 1500 phenotypes annually, creating unique strains that have garnered numerous Cannabis Cup awards.
  • Revolution upholds the most rigorous growing and production standards, ensuring unparalleled quality from seed to shelf.
  • Their products span across a diverse spectrum, from their flagship Revolution brand to specialized lines like Spectra, Tales & Travels, and Spring Lake.
  • Spectra focuses on balanced well-being, offering thoughtfully crafted cannabinoid and terpene blends for tailored wellness experiences.
  • Tales & Travels and Spring Lake cater to the everyday adventurer and culinary explorer, infusing daily routines with the joy of cannabis.

Embark on a revolutionary journey with Revolution Cannabis at nuEra, where premium quality meets pioneering spirit. Explore the acclaimed collections, from the award-winning strains of Revolution to the balanced wellness of Spectra, the adventurous spirit of Tales & Travels, and the culinary delights of Spring Lake. Each product is a testament to Revolution’s dedication to higher science and standards.

Join the revolution of well-being; your path to elevated living is just a click away at nuEra. Shop now and be part of the cannabis evolution.

Nature’s Grace And Wellness

Nature's Grace And Wellness cannabis brand

Nature’s Grace And Wellness cannabis products

Nestled in the heartland of Fulton County, Nature’s Grace and Wellness (NGW) cultivates a legacy of agricultural expertise and compassionate care. Founded by the O’Hern family, NGW merges generations of farming wisdom with a dedication to community wellness, producing medical cannabis that’s as nurturing as it is natural.

Embodying the spirit of sustainable, family-run agriculture, NGW stands as a testament to heartfelt cultivation, crafting cannabis products that enrich lives with purity and quality.

Brand Highlights:

  • A family-owned operation, NGW grows cannabis with the same dedication to sustainability as their time-honored grain and livestock.
  • Their cultivation process is a blend of advanced techniques and personal care, ensuring each plant receives meticulous attention.
  • Hand-watering and hand-manicuring of plants reflect NGW’s commitment to the finest detail and quality.
  • Products are an extension of the family’s ethos, with a range that includes wholesome edibles, potent extracts, and vibrant flower.
  • The O’Hern family’s deep agricultural roots underscore a genuine intent to improve patient quality of life through their medicinal products.

Join the Nature’s Grace and Wellness family at nuEra, where each plant is raised with care on a foundation of farming excellence. Indulge in the wholesome goodness of NGW’s edibles, savor the purity of their extracts, or relish the natural splendor of their flower.

As a proud carrier of NGW products, nuEra invites you to experience the authentic touch of a family’s passion turned into wellness. Shop now and bring the comfort of community-crafted cannabis into your home.

In Grown Farms

In Grown Farms cannabis brand

In Grown Farms’ cannabis brands and products

In Grown Farms, rooted in the rich soil of Freeport, Illinois, is a testament to the transformative power of the cannabis plant. As modern pioneers, they pay homage to the integrity of cannabis through the cultivation of rare and revered genetics, offering a palette of experiences for both medical and recreational enthusiasts.

The Botanist, In Grown Farms’ flagship brand, reflects their commitment to quality and exploration, nurturing each plant in small grow rooms for the most personal care.

Brand Highlights:

  • Small-batch cultivation techniques ensure personalized attention to each plant, promoting exceptional quality and consistency.
  • A diverse range of carefully curated genetics, providing unique experiences for consumers with both common and rare strains.
  • Emphasis on sustainability and respect for environmental resources throughout the cultivation process.
  • Advocacy and community engagement are central, with a focus on advancing scientific research and promoting wellness through cannabis education.
  • The Botanist brand offers a spectrum of products including whole flower, vape cartridges, and edibles, all crafted with the same commitment to quality and patient wellness.
Step into the world of In Grown Farms with nuEra, where the art of botanical craftsmanship meets the science of well-being. Explore the refined selection of Innocent flower and The Botanist’s range of flower, vape products, edibles, and tinctures, each one a tribute to the plant’s potential to enhance lives.

Immerse yourself in the harmony of nature and innovation with every product. Shop In Grown Farms at nuEra today and join a community united by the power of cannabis.

Grassroots Cannabis

Grassroots cannabis brand

Grassroots’ cannabis products

Grassroots Cannabis blooms from a philosophy of living deeply and crafting premium cannabis with soul. Born in the heart of Illinois, Grassroots grows with a commitment to education, community, and cultivation of trusted relationships. Each seedling is nurtured with care, and every product is a celebration of authenticity and life’s moments.

Despite their national presence, Grassroots maintains the heart of a hometown business, deeply connected to the communities they enrich.

Brand Highlights:

  • Homegrown origins with a spirit of innovation and creativity in cannabis cultivation.
  • A strong community presence, fostering connections and advancing the industry through shared knowledge.
  • Dedication to premium quality, reflected in their top-shelf flower and all-ground, whole flower pre-rolls.
  • Grassroots operates with a deep respect for customers, cultivating trusted relationships through genuine interaction.
  • An unwavering commitment to enhancing life’s moments for people from all backgrounds with their variety of cannabis products.

Discover the deep roots of Grassroots Cannabis at nuEra, where every flower and pre-roll carries the essence of genuine connection and craft cultivation. Join our community of connoisseurs and enthusiasts who appreciate the depth of care in every product.

Shop Grassroots at nuEra today and experience the embodiment of cannabis with soul, nurtured to elevate your every moment.

Columbia Care

Columbia Care (Cannabist) cannabis brand

Columbia Care’s cannabis brands and products

Columbia Care, now The Cannabist Company, stands tall as a pioneer in the cannabis industry with a storied legacy of quality and trust. Since its inception, Columbia Care has been at the forefront of cultivating exceptional cannabis experiences, driven by a passion for the plant and a dedication to innovation.

Committed to excellence, every product from their diverse house of brands is crafted to meet the varied lifestyles and needs of their customers, ensuring a consistent and quality experience with every use.

Brand Highlights:

  • A robust selection of cannabis flower and pre-rolls tailored to fit a spectrum of lifestyles and preferences.
  • Triple Seven and Classix brands deliver unwavering consistency in flower and pre-rolls, ensuring a reliable experience.
  • Amber extracts embody a spirit of energy and confidence with each bold, quality-driven product.
  • Press edibles offer fine-tuned potency for different times of the day, from energizing mornings to tranquil evenings.
  • Seed & Strain and Hedy emphasize the natural, restorative properties of cannabis, with products ranging from hand-harvested flower to innovative, quick-acting edibles.

Elevate your cannabis experience with Columbia Care’s array of trusted brands at nuEra. From the consistent excellence of Triple Seven and Classix flower and pre-rolls to the innovative, fast-acting Hedy edibles, every product is a commitment to quality. Discover the energizing extracts of Amber, the tailored potency of Press edibles, and the pure, natural bounty flower, vape cartridges, pre-rolls of Seed & Strain.

Shop Columbia Care at nuEra today and connect with a community that lives deeply for the love of cannabis.


As we reach the end of our journey through the curated selection of Illinois’ most celebrated cannabis brands at nuEra, it’s clear that the deep roots of tradition and innovation in our community run strong. Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a promise—it’s a practice. In each leaf, in every bud, and within all the products we proudly offer, lies a story of passion, a legacy of care, and a dedication to your wellness journey.

At nuEra, we understand that cannabis is more than just a product—it’s a pivotal part of life’s fabric for many. That’s why we pour our expertise and heartfelt care into ensuring that your experience is not only satisfying but also enriches your life. We stand as a beacon of knowledge and trust in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape, guiding you with the surety that only comes from true passion and proven heritage.

As the industry blossoms, we invite you to grow with us. To learn, to explore, and to find the cannabis path that resonates with you. Whether you seek relief, joy, or simply a deeper connection with the world around you, nuEra is here to elevate each moment with a touch of nature’s finest.

Thank you for trusting us on your cannabis journey. We’re not just selling products; we’re nurturing relationships and fostering a community where everyone can thrive. Stay tuned for what’s next, because at nuEra, the best is always yet to come. Let the good times roll, responsibly and joyously.