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Puff Puff Pride with nuEra!

nuEra Cannabis is raising funds for the Howard Brown Health Center with our “Puff Puff Pride” campaign! $2 from every purchase of special-edition flower strains will be donated, and all proceeds from our limited-edition nuEra Pride Pins. Starts June 1st, 2023

Grown with Pride

At our cutting-edge facility, we cultivate the highest quality medical cannabis with unwavering pride. With advanced technology and expert horticultural practices, we set a new standard of excellence. From premium genetic selection to stringent quality control, every step reflects our commitment to perfection.

Grown with Love

We grow with a genuine passion and unwavering commitment. Our dedicated team nurtures each plant as a cherished part of our family, employing meticulous care and innovative techniques. Guided by love, we cultivate cannabis that embodies purity, potency, and compassion, recognizing its profound therapeutic potential.

Grown for All

We believe in catering to diverse needs and creating offerings for everyone. Initiatives like PUFF PUFF PRIDE celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and foster a sense of belonging. Through such initiatives, we strive to inspire acceptance, spark social change, and build a more inclusive world. 


Official Rules and Regulations

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