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nuEra 5 News 5 Mental Health Awareness Month: Art Therapy

Mental Health Awareness Month: Art Therapy

by | May 6, 2021

May is “Mental Health Awareness Month” and we want to spotlight the very tough issues many people face such as depression, anxiety and a host of other mental health troubles. Though many people face these troubles differently, there have been a multitude of ways in which they coped with problems associated whether it be through medication or therapies. New studies are proving the benefits of alternatives such as Cannabis for depression and anxiety as well as therapies such as Art Therapy! These are tools that are showing promise in the evolution of mental health treatment. A very particular form of therapy we found very interesting was the concept of “Art Therapy”. With mental health issues affecting nearly half of the global population, at some point, by age 40, it is super important that there are treatments available throughout a persons life that works.

Meditation, art and mindfulness are different ways to cope (though many say Art feels like mindful meditation) so many people found practicing these things have helped. Enduring the hard past year and dealing with uncertainty and fear, it felt like being still and doing something you enjoyed was the key to finding a sense of peace. In April 2021, we were happy to introduce the “Draw Your Vibe” campaign/contest as a fun way to have our patients and customers engage with us and create some art but were especially happy to see the outcome of it all. People were creating all sorts of fantastic pieces on our bags! Something meant to celebrate the month of April has now extended through this month. We then made the connection of “Draw Your Vibe” and Mental Health Awareness Month when people reached out to say how excited they were to get to be present for a moment and color, draw and make collages. This then revealed to us how something as simple as Drawing Your Vibe could be impactful. Something fun, but also something useful to everyone that considers themselves part of the nuEra Family. Thank you for being present with us! Draw Your Vibe ends Sunday May 9th so if you haven’t already stopped by to drop off your bag, make sure you don’t forget!

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