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In Honor of National Caregivers Day: You are appreciated!

Today, we honor Caregivers because our patients would have no one to look to, if it weren’t for them. When deciding to use Cannabis for medicinal purposes, many patients do not have the ability to go purchase their medicine and thus Caregivers come to the rescue. Whether it be a day where you can’t get out of bed, or you’re in too much pain, or just simply can’t face the world, there is no shame in having a caregiver to help you out in those times.

We have experienced record cold this year and many people can’t drive or walk to their dispensaries, so despite not needing a caregiver in warmer months, many patients can benefit from having someone they can rely on to pick up their medicine. We highly recommend speaking with your friends and family to see who that person can be. When signing up to get your cannabis card, you have the option to add a caregiver application for only $25 (for a 1-year card), but if you want to add a caregiver to your existing card the fee is $75. Do not hesitate to give us a call or shoot an email with any questions regarding adding a caregiver to an existing card or if you wish to sign up to get your cannabis card for the first time!

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